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Save the Kid Cop!

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    Save the Kid Cop!
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    Seriously guys ... I graduated the academy, like, a year ago.

    We have to admit that we've always sort of loved the Kid Cop.

    His charming exploits made news worldwide - and steamed the mayor something fierce.

    All because, as his mother said, he just wanted to be a cop.

    And the fact his, he was pretty good as a cop.

    "If he wasn’t a fake - and only 14 years old - he might have been considered a pretty good Chicago police officer," the Tribune wrote - in a story noting that seven real officers broke the rules while the teenager went about his fake business.

    So it was with a heavy sense of disappointment in our young hero that I read he had been charged with possessing a stolen vehicle "after he allegedly cut-off a high-ranking member of the Police Department who was on patrol Friday night."

    Was he rebelling against his unfulfilled childhood dream and turning to a life of crime? Were the cops seeking him out for revenge because he embarrassed them so? Could there please be some sort of mistake?

    The Kid was in Juvenile Court on Monday and ordered to return at the end of the month. The cops say they had no idea who their defendant was until long after the arrest.

    He wasn't without his imaginative wiles this time around.

    "The boy, now 15, showed up at a dealership on Friday 'wearing a suit and tie' and asked to test drive a 1990 black Lexus, police spokesman Roderick Drew said," AP reports. "A dealership employee had to jump start the car - older than the boy - and the boy drove off while the employee was returning the equipment.

    "Police tried pulling over the car, but the boy drove until crashing into a traffic light, then climbed out and tried to fool police by posing as a father passing by the scene, Drew said.

    "'He grabbed a stroller and pushed the stroller to try to blend in,' said Drew, who did not immediately know if there was a child in the stroller."

    This is a smart kid.

    We can only hope he learns to use his powers for good and not evil.

    Perhaps the cops ought to take up his cause. Let's not lose this one to a life behind bars.

    Steve Rhodes is the proprietor ofThe Beachwood Reporter, a Chicago-centric news and culture review.