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Keep Your Eyes On the Playoff Prize

The Bulls should tread lightly and carry a big scorecard



    Keep Your Eyes On the Playoff Prize
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    Timing is everything. Being the best team today doesn't matter if you're not the best team come June.

    At the moment, health is an issue for the Bulls. Joakim Noah's shaking off the flu and Carlos Boozer is recovering from a sprained ankle.

    Though the Bulls are currently tied with the Celtics for the No. 1 seed in the East, now is not the time to rush back. Coach Thibodeau should ease off the accelerator just a little bit. Let the big boys rest up now, because they won't have a chance when the playoffs start.

    The Bulls aren't burdened by age, the way the Celtics are. If they had to make a break for the end of the season now, they could. But the focus needs to be the playoffs. The season will be lost if a serious injury comes into play.

    Playoffs. Playoffs. Playoffs.

    Nothing else matters.

    Just ask the New England Patriots how good it feels to have a perfect regular season record, only to lose in the Super Bowl.

    Don't make that mistake, Coach Thibodeau. Walk lightly. And when you get to the postseason, unleash hell.