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Kanye As Baby Name Increases In Popularity

Hip-hop star's name among other favorite celebrities and pop culture trends



    Kanye As Baby Name Increases In Popularity
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    Kanye West is popular among several groups of people, and apparently, that also includes new moms.

    The name Kanye was one of the most popular baby name trends in 2013.

    According to data compiled by BabyCenter, the Chicago native's popularity resulted in a 38 percent increase for his name. The names West and Kimberly also made some gains. However, the family's influence seems to stop there. "North" was nowhere to be found in BabyCenter's database (though her nickname, Nori, rose five spots). 

    Meanwhile, the name George saw some growth thanks to the royal baby's arrival in July. It increased 10 percent for boys' names and, oddly enough, climbed 37 percent for girls. New parents also seemed to favor character names from the show Duck Dynasty.

    Not every name in pop culture is a favorite, though. Walter fell 12 percent to number 520 in sync with Breaking Bad's dramatic end this year.

    On BabyCenter's overall top 100 list of names, Sophia was number one for girls, while Jackson topped the list for boys. Check out the rankings to see where your name falls.