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Shampoo, Shower and Set a Record With Strangers

Pert Plus attempts two world records at Six Flags



    Shampoo, Shower and Set a Record With Strangers
    Pert Plus
    Two's company and three's a crowd... but hundreds? Well, that's (hopefully) a world record.

    For something that’s supposed to make you clean, we’ve never heard of a dirtier shower.

    Because when we imagined breaking the Guinness World Records for “Largest Shower” and “Most People Showering Simultaneously,” we imagined sweaty, grimey and yellow-toenail-infested bathers in a too-close-for-comfort vicinity.

    But thanks to the marketing team behind the launch of a new Pert Plus for Men line, Six Flags Great America & Hurricane Harbor in Gurnee was the backdrop for the clean attempt to break the record. You know, in case you hadn’t seen enough mankinis this summer.

    On Thursday, more than 150 people skipped the shower at home for some free body wash and free ogling in an effort to break two records at once.

    The Largest Shower

    [CHI] The Largest Shower
    The largest shower
    (Published Tuesday, July 28, 2009)

    Guinness' evaluation of whether or not any records were set will take weeks, but Pert Plus hopes to beat Tommy Lee and Ludicrous' 3,660 square foot shower that set the record for "Largest Shower" last year on the TV show Battleground Earth.

    "For me it was a life-defining moment - something to tell your kids and grandkids about," laughed 19 year-old Mark Long told the Daily Herald. "I'll say, 'I helped set a Guinness World Record, what have you done lately?'"

    The showers at Hurricane Harbor Thursday was 4,000 square feet and had 40 spigots that could accomodate up to 400 bathers.

    As per Guinness rules, the event required official Guinness World Record witnesses, positions that were filled by Gurnee Mayor Krysti Kovarik and Lake County Chambe of Commerce President B. Dwight Houchins.

    "We are always excited by opportunities to showcase Six Flags and our community," Kovarik said. "Gurnee has a close partnership with Six Flags and to think that we might've broken a record here today is really something."

    Hey, we commend the whole over-achiever effort here. We even provided the video for you to watch. But we're thinking this may have been one shower after which they probably needed another one.