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Jury Ready for Brown's Chicken Trial

Degorski charged with 1993 murders



    Jury Ready for Brown's Chicken Trial
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    The trial of James Degorski is set for August 31.

    Sixteen years after seven people were killed at Brown's Chicken & Pasta restaurant, a jury is ready to hear the case against James Degorski.

    Four alternates jurors were chosen Saturday who will join the 12 people chosen to hear evidence in the first-degree murder trial set to begin later this month. Degorski, 36, faces the death penalty if he is convicted.

    Juan Luna, his co-defendant, Juan Luna, was convicted of the murders in 2007 and sentenced to life in prison. 

    The twelve jurors include five white men, four white women, an African American man and woman, and a Hispanic woman.

    Opening arguments are set for August 31.