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Johnny Cool's Breaking the Rules

Panhandler accused of robbery



    Johnny Cool's Breaking the Rules
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    It's estimated that there are nearly 2,000 homeless people in the city of San Diego.

    There may be honor among thieves, but not among vagrants, it seems.

    A 40-year-old reported panhandler has accused a neighborhood acquaintance of robbing him early Thursday, according to police.

    The victim told police that 45-year-old "Johnny Cool" robbed him of a brown leather wallet containing $30 and a 15-day bus pass with about $40 still left on it, reports the Sun-Times.

    This wouldn't be Mr. Cool's first run-in with the law. He's been arrested 97 times, under various aliases, usually for panhandling violations, police said.

    But the alleged victim, who lived about two blocks away from Cool in Rogers Park, hasn't exactly kept his nose clean either. He's been arrested 182 times, on charges which include burglary and retail theft.

    The victim reported the alleged incident to police approximately 30 minutes after it happened, but an area search brought no results.

    Apparently, they lost their Cool.

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