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Jogger Spots Cougar in Park

Wheaton police issue community alert



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    The jogger says the cat was bigger than her 60 pound dog.

    A Wheaton woman claims to have spotted a cougar in that west suburban city, far away from its native nightclub habitat.

    Police issued a community alert Friday after a jogger was running with her dog and claims to have seen a large black cat near a bridge in Northside Park on Sept. 4.

    She says the cougar was larger than her 60 pound dog, and the cat ran off into a wooded area when her dog approached it.

    Police have received no additional reports of cougar sightings, but anyone who has seen a cougar, mountain lion or any unusual animal is asked to call 911.

    Last year, police shot and killed a 124-pound male cougar on the city's northwest side, which was later genetically linked to similar cougars in South Dakota, the Sun-Times reported.