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Which NBA Great Joakim Noah Worked Out With This Summer

The Bulls big man sought out one of the game's best to help him with his game



    Which NBA Great Joakim Noah Worked Out With This Summer
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    Chicago Bulls star Joakim Noah, sought out help this summer from one of the NBA's greatest centers, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

    The Bulls are going to have to show more versatility and not predictability on the offensive end of the floor this season. Without Derrick Rose, Tom Thibodeau needs multiple guys to be threats on offense and he’ll need to get consistent scoring contributions from every position on the floor.

    This could explain why Joakim Noah decided to work out this summer with one of the greatest big men ever: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

    Joakim Noah is known more for defense and rebounding than scoring. He’s decent around the basket in the low post, whenever he does take shots down there, and his “tornado” style jumpshot isn’t the most reliable in the NBA but he can knock it down from at least 15 feet on occasion.
    So with defenses to stop Kirk Hinrich at the point, Luol Deng on the wing and Carlos Boozer down low, Noah could be the Bulls' secret weapon on offense because defenses won't be looking for him to score. 
    Joakim is often described as a free spirit, but when it comes to basketball and the Bulls, he wants to win more than anyone. 

    Taking such a proactive approach in his own offensive development and seeking an all-time great like Jabbar should have Bulls fans excited to see what new offensive wrinkles Noah will bring to the court this season.