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Jesse Campbell Eliminated From "The Voice"

Christina Aguilera sent the aspiring singer home after his performance of Beyonce's "Halo."



    Jesse Campbell Eliminated From "The Voice"
    NBC Chicago
    Jesse Campbell, visiting the NBC 5 studios.

    It's the end of the road for Maywood's Jesse Campbell on "The Voice."

    Christina Aguilera decided to kick Campbell out of her team during the live quarterfinals on Monday night, saying she was looking for singers with the most versatility and potential for growth.

    "I'm not mad or disappointed, I'm just thankful for the experience so far," said Campbell during an appearance on the "Today Show" Tuesday morning.

    Campbell moved from the Chicago area to California years ago to pursue a singing career, but struggled at first, living out of his car with his daughter. He says that is why he dedicated Beyonce's "Halo" to his daughter Monday night.

    "We've had some very challenging moments, my daughter and I, but I teach her to think about the moment of now," said Campbell to the "Today Show."

    Reports indicate Campbell hopes to release an album next year.

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