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Jerk Robs 12-Year-Old at Gunpoint



    Jerk Robs 12-Year-Old at Gunpoint
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    Somehow, a cop's gun got into criminals' hands and was used in five shootings, police said.

    Taking candy from a baby is easy.

    Using a gun to take $5 from a 12-year-old, that’s despicable.

    But that’s what happened Tuesday afternoon in Tinley Park.

    As Walker School was letting out an unidentified gunman approached a youngster who was walking home through some backyards, pulled a gun and demanded money, a Tinley Park police news release said.

    The little kid gave up his fin, no questions asked.

    When cops got wind of the stick-up they put the school on lock-down while they searched for the rube. Afterwards kids were escorted to school buses and taken home.

    The suspect is described in the release as a white male who wore black clothing and a black ski mask.