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Testimony Continues in Burge Trial

Trial is expected to wrap up this week



    Testimony Continues in Burge Trial
    John Burge walks out of federal court after jury selection in his perjury trial.

    The perjury and obstruction of justice trial against former Chicago police commander Jon Burge is expected to wrap up sometime today or tomorrow, but prosecutors have not stopped the gruesome testimony aimed at the allegedly torturous former cop.

    Federal prosecutors are expected to call Gregory Banks, who says Chicago police officers put a plastic bag over his head, beat him and put a gun into his mouth, to testify Thursday in former Lt. Jon Burge's perjury and obstruction of justice trial.
    Banks has alleged that men working under Burge's command tortured him into confessing to a murder in October 1983.
    His murder conviction was later overturned, and he won a civil judgment against Burge and several officers.
    Banks has testified in the past that Burge peeked into the room where he was being tortured.
    His testimony comes on the heels of convicted cop-killer Andrew Wilson's posthumous testimonial, which was read into the court record Wednesday.
    The from-the-grave testimony included tales of electric shock and other tortures.
    It was Wilson's claims of abuse that led to Burge's dismissal from the police department in 1993. Wilson died in prison in 2007.
    Burge is accused of lying in a civil suit when he denied that he knew about or participated in the torture of suspects.

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