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Intruder Touches Sleeping Woman, Rattles Community



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    Many people in southwest suburban Plainfield are on edge after a man into a home early Wednesday and touched a woman while she was sleeping, before she awoke and he ran away.

    The woman told police she was asleep in her bedroom at her home in the 24600 block of John Adams Drive in Plainfield when she woke up to someone touching her upper body over her clothing, a statement from Plainfield police said.

    "She described it as being awoken by someone touching her in a manner of more reminiscent of trying wake her up than assault her," Plainfield Police Sgt. Mike Fisher said.

    When she screamed to alert her two teen boys who were in the home, the man ran away, police said.

    Intruder Touches Sleeping Woman, Rattles Community

    [CHI] Intruder Touches Sleeping Woman, Rattles Community
    Police are treating the incident as a crime or possibly a case of mistaken identity. Dick Johnson reports.
    (Published Wednesday, March 19, 2014)

    Police do not know how the suspect got into the home, and could find no sign of forced entry.

    The woman described him as a 5-foot-8 to 5-foot-10, and wearing a hat. A second person who saw him run out of the house through the garage said he was wearing a grey shirt, baggy pants and a stocking cap.

    Police say it's an unusual case, and are treating as a crime and possibly mistaken identity.

    "That seems fishy to me. How do you not know it's your house?" a neighbor told NBC 5.

    Police are encouraging residents to lock their doors and make sure their garage doors are closed.

    Anyone with information should call Plainfield police at (815) 267-7215.