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Inmate, Teen Arrested in Jailhouse Drug Smuggling Scheme

Cops are looking for other inmates who could be involved



    Inmate, Teen Arrested in Jailhouse Drug Smuggling Scheme
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    Editor's Note: NBCChicago has removed the name of one suspect from this story. No details have been otherwise altered. 

    A Cook County Jail inmate and an friend on the outside have been busted for trying to smuggle contraband into the jail.

    Robert “Nookie” Anderson, 29, a convicted gang member, and a 19-year-old accomplice, were arrested for trying to bring marijuana into the jail’s Division 9 Tier, the Sheriff’s department said in a release.

    Anderson allegedly tried to recruit a corrections officer to the scheme. He delivered a letter to a 5th year officer asking him to contact friends of his in order to obtain a quantity of marijuana. Anderson promised to compensate the officer for his participation.

    Among the names given to the officer was the accomplice's. She met the officer at a restaurant near the jail and gave him a bag with about $500 worth of marijuana and $300 in cash.

    The officer then took the marijuana to Anderson. Once the exchange was made, investigators stepped in to detain Anderson.

    “You got me. Damn,” Anderson said as he was being cuffed, the press release states.

    Anderson faces disciplinary action from the jail and the accomplice has been ordered held on a electronic monitoring while awaiting trial.

    Investigators are still looking for other inmates involved in the scheme.