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Immigration Battle Heads to Wrigley



    Immigration Battle Heads to Wrigley
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    The immigration debate is about to get sporty.

    Nearly 800 protesters have pledged on Facebook to rally around Wrigley Field Thursday when the Arizona Diamondbacks are in town.

    The protesters are making good on a promise to boycott all things Arizona after the state passed a controversial anti immigration law last week that gives police the power to stop anyone and ask for papers.

    They’ll be holding posters, marching around the stadium and handing out flier to Cubs fans that explain their opposition to the new law. They’re also encouraging people heading into the park to wave signs in the stadium in hopes of making national television.

    Activists around the country have called for a boycott of Arizona tourism and of state businesses, including its athletic teams.

    Some are calling for Major League Baseball to move the 2011 All Star game out of the state.

    Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer says it's unfortunate that some groups and individuals are reacting to her signing of the law by calling for boycotts of Arizona.

    Brewer said Wednesday she can't understand why boycott supporters would "want to hurt the legal citizens."

    She also said the illegal immigration issue is "a two-sided sword" for the state's economy because businesses considering relocations and expansions want to be in a safe, secure state.

    Arizona has been through a similar issue. The state was forced to recognize Martin Luther King Day in 1992 as a condition for getting the 1996 Super Bowl.

    President Obama has signaled strong opposition to the law and it implied that the issue could reach the Supreme Court.