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Illinois Woman Holds Guinness Record for Shortest Woman

Bridgette Jordan stands at 2 feet 3 inches tall



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    Gary Parker/Guinness World Records

    An Illinois woman was named the world's "shortest living woman" Tuesday by Guinness World Records.

    Bridgette Jordan, 22, is from Sandoval, Ill., and stands 2 feet 3 inches tall. Jordan also holds the record for the "shortest living siblings" with her brother Brad Jordan, 20, who is 3 feet 2 inches tall.

    The siblings have Majewski osteodysplasic primordial dwarfism type II, but neither has let this become an obstacle in their lives.

    Brad enjoys karate, gymnastics, playing basketball and performing magic tricks. Bridgette's hobbies include dancing and cheerleading, according to a press release issued by Guinness World Records.

    "I believe that everyone should be confident in themselves," said Bridgette in an issued press release.

    Bridgette and Jordan both attend Kaskasia College in central Illinois. The siblings are grateful to be recognized in this year's world record book and encourage others to be true to themselves, according to the release.

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