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Illinois Outs Tax Cheats on the Web



    Illinois Outs Tax Cheats on the Web
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    Don't stiff the taxman. You could be an Internet celeb.

    It's like Facebook for tax cheats.

    The Department of Revenue has posted its annual list of tax scofflaws on the Internet, and now you can search a database of anyone who owes more than $1,000 in taxes to the Illinois tax man.

    State law allows the department to post the names of taxpayers owing $1,000 or more for six months if they've been notified by mail.

    This year there are more than 100 entries owing a total of $6.3 million.

    Illinois is not forgiving when it comes to taxes.

    Cook County has the highest sales tax rate in the country at 10.25 percent and just recently Chicago's department of revenue debuted a program that encourages business owners to rat out known tax cheats.