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Tollway Gives Option to Dispute Toll Violations Online

A new feature on the Illinois Tollway website allows drivers to see violation images and dispute tickets



    Tollway Gives Option to Dispute Toll Violations Online
    Julia Buckley
    Drivers can view images and dispute toll violations online, the Illinois Tollway announced Monday.

    The Illinois Tollway announced Monday that a new website feature allows I-PASS and E-ZPass users to dispute toll violations online. 

    Drivers who pass through the electronic tolling lane without paying or without an active I-PASS or E-ZPass have a photograph taken of their license plate as part of the enforcement system.

    Instead of waiting for a notice in the mail, drivers can now go online and view the toll violation photographs. They also have the option to dispute the ticket through the website. Once Tollway staff has reviewed the dispute, a decision is sent via email.

    “If a customer drives through our toll plazas and receives a violation notice, they have a right to know that the image captured of their vehicle is accurate," said Illinois Tollway Executive Director, Kristi Lafleur, in a statement.

    Previously, drivers had to contact the Tollway and schedule an appointment to view images or ask for images to be sent via mail or email.   

    Since going live in March, nearly 900 drivers with violations have viewed images, made disputes and have been able to make payments.