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How Not to Get the Job

Job applicants remember resumes but forget common sense



    How Not to Get the Job
    Job interviewing do's and don'ts

    Landing that dream job isn't exactly a scientific endeavor, then again, neither is blowing the interview. But according to CareerBuilder, some careless candidates are losing jobs before whipping out their resumes and cover letters.

    For example, one job applicant hoping to cash-in on a position with the financial company Merrill Lynch stunned several people sitting in a waiting area when he bashed the business and ripped its staff.

    Turns out his audience were the hiring managers who were set to interview him.


    "He definitely was not someone we thought would be of value to the organization - to say the least," said Airies Davis,
    the president of the Chicago chapter of the National Association of African-Americans in Human Resources.

    That's just one of the horror stories to come from the CareerBuilder survey that asked more than 2,700 hiring managers about what irked them while interviewing job applicants, the Sun-Times reports.

    The beyond belief blunders on the list is raising serious questions whether common sense is all that common.  In case you were wondering, here's what NOT to do:

    • Don't wear flip-flops with a business suit.
    • Don't file fingernails while talking.
    • Don't apply for a customer service job and complain you don't like about people.
    • Don't bash a former or current employer.
    • Don't act arrogant.
    • Don't text or answer a phone call while explaining you'll be a respectable employee.
    • Don't head to the employee break room after your interview.
    • Don't ask the interviewer if he or she would like to get a drink later.

    Here's some advice: dress and act like you want the job to increase your shot of getting it.