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Buy Our House, Get a Car

Agent hopes listing will stand out



    Buy Our House, Get a Car
    The Herald News

    How would you like a free car? Sounds fantastic, right? All you have to do is buy the house it's stored in.

    In an effort to combat the rough housing market, real estate agent Audrey Johnson is offering buyers an extra incentive on one of her client's properties, reports The Herald-News. Buy the house, get a Mercedes.

    The 5-bedroom, three-car garage house in Homer Glen also comes with the sellers' 2001 Mercedes cherry-red convertible.

    That's a pretty good accessory.

    The house, currently listed at $599,000, has been on the market for nearly six months.

    "Your competition is very fierce," Johnson told The Herald-News. "So you need to do something to differentiate yourself."

    Johnson says she's offered bonuses, televisions and appliances in order to make a sale in the past, but this is the first time she's offered a car.

    Chinnu and Gopi Nair, the owners, had planned on selling the car anyway.

    "We were lucky we have a good marketing tool," Johnson told The Herald-News.

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