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Vacant House Explodes in Kenosha

A natural gas leak might be the cause



    Fire Dept.: Gas Leak in Vacant House

    A house in Kenosha, Wisconsin explodes. (Published Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2011)

    A vacant home in Kenosha, Wis., blew up overnight, breaking hundreds of windows in neighboring homes and businesses.

    The explosion happened around 11:10 p.m. Monday at a house located on 2133 55th St. in Kenosha. It was felt at least three miles away, according to Kenosha Fire Chief John Thomsen.

    "On our arrival we found a house that was completely leveled," Fire Chief Thomsen said.

    Video at the scene shows large sheets of plywood, shattered glass and lots of debris reaching as far as three blocks away from the blast.

    "It could have killed my whole family," said Amanda Quioz, a neighbor whose windows were broken because of the blast. "My kids are OK," Quioz said. "They were inches away from the glass being thrown from their bed. Anything could have happened to them."

    No one was seriously injured "except for small scrapes, bumps and bruises due to shattered glass and individuals falling from the shock waves of the explosion," Thomsen said.

    Early reports indicate the explosion was due to a natural gas leak, but officials continue to investigate.

    Surrounding neighbors whose homes were damaged are receiving help and shelter from the Red Cross, according to Fire officials.