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Who knew Dept. of Interior had a basketball court?



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    President Obama looks pretty cool on the court, but what we want to know is -- can he dunk?

    The president's usual workout on the basketball court took a couple of twists on Saturday, when he and friend Marty Nesbitt headed to the Department of the Interior.

    Who knew the Department of the Interior had a basketball court, anyway?

    Just before 11 a.m., President Obama and Nesbitt, in sweat suits, got into the presidential SUV.  The president's body man Reggie Love got into another SUV, holding a basketball. Three minutes later, having passed oblivious tourists on the Ellipse and a dozen or so more observant gawkers on 17th Street, the slow-speed motorcade pulled to a stop at the U.S. Department of the Interior.

    Reporters weren't allowed inside to watch the game, which ended around 12:30 -- with a limping Nesbitt leaving with a brace on his right leg.

    Nesbitt walked with a limp into the residence, having apparently suffered a bit of cramping. Press aide Ben Finkenbinder, his T-shirt darkened with sweat from his first basketball game with the boss, was too discreet to provide details on players, score, or game highlights.