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Honda Thief in Custody

At least eight vehicles recovered



    Honda Thief in Custody

    A Chicago man was charged Saturday with multiple thefts of Honda vehicles on the city's Northwest Side.

    Lazaro Montanez, 22, of the 3900 block of North Olcott Avenue is charged with four counts of Possession of Stolen Motor Vehicle and one count of Possession of Burglary Tools.

    Over the past three months, Jefferson Park, 16th District police noticed several Honda vehicles that had been stolen and later recovered, in many cases their catalytic converters had been removed. 

    Officers began investigating and concentrated their efforts in a particular area of the district, according to a police News Affairs release.

    Police were alerted of a recently stolen Honda that had not had its catalytic converter removed and established surveillance on the vehicle, according to the release.

    Officers later observed Montanez approach the stolen vehicle and enter it using a "jiggler key," a key that is modified to open and start several cars, and drive away, according to police.

    The officers followed Montanez to the garage at his residence and placed him into custody. 

    As a result of this investigation, police said they have recovered or accounted for at least eight different Hondas.

    Montanez is scheduled to appear in court Sunday.