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Home Security Cam Catches Realtor Behaving Oddly

Footage shows the real estate agent going through a home owner's kitchen cabinet



    Realtor Caught Searching Through Home

    A security camera in a home in Portage, currently for sale, captures a real estate agent searching through a kitchen cabinet. The agent, not associated with the listing agency for the home, is currently under investigation. Dick Johnson reports. (Published Tuesday, June 26, 2012)

    Most homeowners don't have security cameras in their home to show what happens in their house, and they never know what they are missing.

    "I was shaking, I was really shaking," said Marcia Kistler, whose house in Portage is for sale.

    She has footage of a real estate agent going through her kitchen cabinet captured by the family's motion sensor security cameras. Kistler believes the Realtor was looking for drugs.

    "[He] opens them up, then sees there's medication in there, it's all right in the front," said Kistler describing what she saw on the video. "Takes out one of them. You can see that he picked it up and puts it back in. Comes around the corner here, grabs a chair, brings it back over there. Then he goes to the front window, looks outside. Then he gets up on the chair and looks at everything in that cabinet."

    Kistler said over the counter medications were in the cabinets and nothing was taken, but thinks the Realtor was looking for prescription drugs. She has filed a police report and the Portage Police Department has launched an investigation.

    The well-known Realtor, who has been in the business for several years, could not explain what was caught on tape and declined to speak about it. NBC Chicago is not revealing his identity due to the ongoing investigation.

    The Greater Northwest Indiana Association of Realtors is expected to look into whether the agent's actions violated their Code of Ethics.

    "You want to sell your house and you have to be open," said Kistler. "But when there are people out there that are going to do this, it makes you sad."