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Cain Is Misunderstood

Monday he corrected reporters asking about his campaign



    The Godfather's pizza magnate and GOP front-runner addresses media outside of Morton's steakhouse in Chicago. (Published Monday, Oct. 24, 2011)

    Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain stopped in Chicago to raise some funds and stayed just long enough to tell the press that they've got his candidacy all wrong.

    "It's not a gigantic book tour,"Cain said Monday outside the Loop restaurant.

    The one-time Godfather's pizza CEO responded to a question from a reporter asking if this stop in Chicago was part of a book tour.

    It's not, he said.

    Cain Courts Tea Partiers in Schaumburg

    [CHI] Cain Courts Tea Partiers in Schaumburg
    Fresh off his victory in last week's Florida straw ballot, businessman and Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain was in Schaumburg on Saturday, courting attendees at TeaCon, the Midwest's Tea Party convention.
    (Published Saturday, Oct. 1, 2011)

    That's just one of the elements that the media has gotten wrong about Cain's campaign.

    "The thing that I think is going to make my campaign credible is the fact that if I make a mistatement I'm willing to retract it, if I make a mistake, I'm willing to correct it," he said.

    Monday he corrected reporters asking about his participation in the civil rights movement (he says he was in high school) and his easy-to-remember tax plan "999," or was that "909."

    Cain teased his plan earlier in the campaign as the 9-9-9 plan, meaning there would be a flat 9-percent sales, income and corporate tax.

    Later he said that the income tax wouldn't apply to folks below the poverty line and relabeled it 9-0-9.

    "I want you to be the first people to get this right," Cain said. "It's not new, it's been there all along."

    It's clear he's not all that surprised by the confusion nor by the critics.

    "The higher up you get in the polls, the more criticism you're going to get," Cain said.