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Gee's MySpace: Ex-Hubbie Harris "Innocent"

"He is and always has been a great father to his kids"



    Gee's MySpace: Ex-Hubbie Harris "Innocent"

    The surviving daughter of the family murdered in Beason in September says "there's not a doubt in my mind" that the man arrested for killing her family -- her ex-husband -- is innocent.

    A posting on a MySpace page attributed to Nicole Gee says "it is not right at all," according to the State Journal-Register.

    Gee's former husband, Christoper J. Harris, 30, has been charged with five counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Raymond “Rick” Gee, his wife, Ruth, and children Justina Constant, 16, Dillen Constant, 14 and Austin Gee, 11, inside their home in Beason. Harris also faces an attempted murder charge for allegedly trying to kill 3-year-old Tabitha Gee, who survived the attack.

    Gee has been divorced from Harris since 2007, and neighbors say the pair have had an on-again-off-again relationship.

    “(I’ve) known him (since) I was 14v (sic) years old and very, very well. He is and always has been a great father to his kids,” reads the MySpace post. “In all our years he never laid a hand on me, never even raised a hand to me. Not even once did he spank our little girl, I always had to be the bad guy because he is soft-hearted.

    “Now not only has my children lost 5 very close family members but (their) daddy is being set up and taken away, this is too much,” it said.

    Cops said recently they were looking for a man who had cuts and abrasions from fighting with his victims.

    Harris, according to Gee, has no marks on his body.

    Logan County cops have not revealed what led them to suspect Harris.