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Harley-Davidson Wants Women to Go Hog Wild

Garage parties maybe the new tupperware parties



    Harley-Davidson Wants Women to Go Hog Wild
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    Who doesn't like a biker babe?

    Harley Davidson sure does, but there's not nearly enough of them.

    During national women's month Harley Davidson wants females to discover thier inner-biker-babe.

    The venerable motorcycle company, usually the choice for rough-hewn, beard-toting, leather-clad men, has decided to set up a month-worth of women's only events. They're called “Garage Parties” –  and dealerships across the country will try to woo women to become easy riders with these chicks-only seminars. 

    “Garage Party events are not only educational, but also an empowering experience for women" said Leslie Prevish, women’s outreach manager for Harley-Davidson Motor Company.

    "We know millions of women are interested in motorcycling, but don’t know where to start, and we look forward to encouraging thousands of new women to get a taste of riding and learn how it can change their lives, like it has for more than a million women in the last few decades.”

    Calling them “Garage Parties” is a bit of  a misnomer though- the parties aren’t in dirty, greasy garages. They’re actually in Harley-Davidson show room where women get “hands-on” seminars on operating the motorcycle controls and how to do things like pick up a learn cool things like how to pick a 500-pound bike if it falls over. 

    While Harley’s garage parties are free and billed as a way for women to get over their intimidation of motorcycles, it’s not a completely altruistic gesture. They and other motorcycle companies have finally taken notice that women – especially middle-aged women, baby boomers and empty nesters have money to spend.  And they want to buy motorcycles.  

    According to Harley-Davidson’s website, “The growth of female riders has continued to rise over the last two decades. In 1990, women represented just three percent of riders, but according to recent data from the Motorcycle Industry Council, women riders now represent 12 percent of new motorcycle purchasers and 23 percent of all motorcyclists.”

    Starting Wednesday, the women only Garage Parties kick-off in Harley dealerships across Illinois