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Happy Strike Day!



    Happy Strike Day!
    Yay, no school.

    Three thousand south suburban kids are staying home from school today because teachers from the Prairie Hills Elementary School District 144 voted to strike Wednesday night.

    Yay strike day!

    Chanting "all I want for Christmas is a raise," Teachers picketed at the eight schools that make up the district, choosing a work stoppage because they could not come to terms on salary negotiations. \

    "After 35 years, it hurts," said teacher Deborah Crosslin, before repeating that old striker's saw "if they won't talk, we're going to walk."

    The school board was offering 3 percent raises for the next two years while the Prairie Hills Education Association was asking for 6.5 percent.

    The school board posted a statement on its web site late Wednesday night saying classes and extra curricular activities have been suspended until further notice.

    The Prarie Hills school district includes Chateaux, Fieldcrest, Highlands, Mae Jemison, Markham Park, Primary Academic Center, Prairie Hills Jr. High School and Nob Hill schools. They are located in the Markham, Oak Forest, Hazel Crest and Country Club Hills communities.