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Hancock Center To Give Thrill Seekers New "Tilted" View of Chicago

Vertigo-inducing tourist attraction planned off the side of the Chicago skyscraper



    Hancock Center To Give Thrill Seekers New "Tilted" View of Chicago
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    Will you be brave enough to enter the "Tilt" and look straight down from the John Hancock Building's 94th floor in Chicago?

    Thrill seekers could soon get another way to view the Windy City on high.

    A vertigo-inducing tourist attraction at Chicago's John Hancock Center reportedly is in the works to rival the popular Ledge on the 103rd floor of nearby Willis Tower.

    Called the "Tilt," the 94th-floor perch would consist of a glass enclosed box that, like the Ledge, protrudes from the side of the building.

    The difference? Instead of merely inviting guests to steel themselves to enter a clear box and look down, Crain's Chicago Business reports visitors will be strapped into the Tilt and the box will actually tilt toward the ground.

    Walk out 1,400 Feet Above the Ground

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    Comparatively the Ledge juts out 4.3 feet over Wacker Drive and treats visitors to unobstructed views of the city and a heart-stopping look at the Chicago River for those brave enough to look straight down.

    Crain's points out that while the Hancock stands 1,128 feet to the Willis Tower's 1,450 feet, there are hopes to capitalize on its location in the middle of the Michigan Avenue shopping corridor.

    Owners of the Hancock Observatory also hope the Tilt will draw tourists to the observation deck instead of the competing Signature Room restaurant and lounge a floor above it. The observatory often gets bypassed by those who prefer a drink and a view from the lounge.

    Breakdancing on the Ledge

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    It's not clear when construction will begin on the Tilt or when it will be unveiled. A spokeswoman for the Hancock Center said the owners weren't providing a comment.