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Halloween Gets Political at Wilmette Household



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    Mark Weyermuller

    Halloween is a time dress up, escape reality and celebrate Fall.

    For Mark Weyermuller, 50, it’s a time to have a little fun with the news.

    “I’m just a big kid,” Weyermuller says. 

    Each year the Wilmette real estate broker puts out a new, elaborate Halloween display with a current events theme in his front yard.

    Often political, always goofy, the display draws gawkers, curious neighbors and plenty of opinions.

    “A lot of people get into political discussions out front,” he says.

    It’s not surprising considering the characters he chooses.

    This year his display focuses on the mid term elections, and his front yard contains effigies of President Obama, Sarah Palin, Christine “I’m not a witch” O’Donnell and more.

    “This year instead of candy we will passing stimulus money, just kidding,” he says.  “I may give out copies of the health care bill all 2500 pages but it may break the kid's bags. Maybe fat free candy would be better.” 

    His yard wasn’t always so topical.

    Weyermuller began turning his yard into a Halloween amusement show about 10 years ago. At that time the grass played host to more traditional fare.

    “Over the years it’s gotten more political, more current events heavy,” he said.

    Last year he featured 22 characters, including Joe the Plumber and the Balloon Boy.

    Two years ago it was John McCain and Barack Obama, before that, Hillary stole the show.

    So far this year, not counting blow up monsters and what not, Weyermuller has placed six characters in his yard.

    The most popular is Rod Blagojevich.

    “People are really into that one,” he said. “I had a lawyer tell me all about Blagojevich, stuff that I hadn’t heard about the trial.”

    He plans to add one figure a day until Halloween. He’ll leave the display up through November 2.
    “After the mid terms were going to get back to the real news, like Lindsey Lohan and Mel Gibson,” he said.