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Hair Salon Suffers from Bad Fire Wall

Space heater—and bad idea—to blame



    Hair Salon Suffers from Bad Fire Wall

    A south suburban salon had one heck of a bad hair day.

    According to officials, the pipes inside Main Street Hair Care in Tinley Park were frozen. In an attempt to thaw them out, a worker placed a propane space heater near an exterior wall of the building.

    But soon, the wall, the wall, the wall was on fire.

    The fire quickly spread throughout the building, which also housed an apartment and DJ business, said Tinley Park Fire Chief Ken Dunn.

    Fortunately, everyone inside the building escaped safely with no injuries.

    The building didn't fare so well. It sustained enough damage that "it'll be a while before it can open up again," said Dunn.

    Neighboring buildings reported smoke damage, but we wonder if those frozen pipes ever did finally thaw.

    The fire chief's advice? Have a "professional come in to take care of it."

    Matt Bartosik is a Chicago native and a social media sovereign.