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Gun Pointed at State Representative

Rep. Edward Acevedo unhurt in incident



    Gun Pointed at State Representative
    Illinois Rep. Edward Acevedo

    Police are investigating after someone in a van pointed a gun at a state representative Friday night in the Lower West Side neighborhood.

    The incident happened about 10:15 p.m. in the 2500 block of South Oakley Avenue when State Rep. Edward Acevedo (D-Chicago) was on a sidewalk, according to police.

    A van pulled up to him and an occupant pointed a gun at him, but did not fire it. Acevedo loudly announced his office and the van "took off," police said.

    Acevedo was not hurt and police said it appeared to be an isolated incident.

    The van, described only as white with a brown stripe, fled north and then east from the Oakley address.

    Harrison Area detectives are investigating.