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Guardian Angels Target "Mugger's Mile"

Group handing out leaflets along Michigan Avenue following mugging



    Group hits Michigan Avenue following recent muggings. (Published Tuesday, July 23, 2013)

    The Guardian Angels were making their presence known on Michigan Avenue Tuesday in reaction to crime along the popular downtown destination.

    On Saturday, a group of teens were accused of trying to steal a 51-year-old woman's cell phone, and punching a 15-year-old girl in the face for trying to intervene.

    "It's so unfortunate that we're having this type of violence along Michigan Avenue," Barbara Liang told NBC 5.

    The Guardian Angels were handing out leaflets, referring to the strip as "Mugger's Mile," and offering safety tips such as putting your cell phone out of sight, keeping your headphones off and reporting crimes as soon as they happen.

    "There's more good people out here than bad people, so we're asking people to get involved," Guardian Angel Miguel Fuentes said. "The police can't be everywhere, the Guardian Angels can't be everywhere, so people just need to take precautions."

    The Angels are also encouraging people to take a picture with your cell phone if you see a crime and are a safe distance away. Police have a technology that allows them to access the photo quickly when callers contact 911.

    Chicago Police have increased security along the strip over the past few months following a series of high-profile incidents involving groups of unruly teens.

    Superintendent Garry McCarthy has said the perception of safety issues in the Magnificent Mile area is not the reality, and on Tuesday, the department released the following statement:

    Michigan Avenue and the general downtown area are enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people everyday. Chicago's downtown area continues to be safe and while there have been a few isolated incidents police have responded quickly, making arrests before they become a larger problem.-- Adam Collins, CPD spokesman