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"Good Wife" Cries Foul Against Derrick Rose

Rose a "no show" on New York set



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    Derrick Rose is Chicago's sexiest athletes.

    Derrick Rose lost some celebrity points this week on the Hollywood hardwood. 

    The Chicago Bulls star failed to show up Tuesday for a guest appearance on "The Good Wife." 

    The show's producers booked Rose on a flight from Chicago to New York and arranged his ride to the airport. When a driver arrived at Rose's Chicago home Tuesday, the Bulls' point guard refused to leave and offered no explanation as to why, according to the New York Post.

    "The Good Wife" is set in Chicago, but films in New York City. The show often includes cameos from Chicago celebrities.

    Rose agreed to play himself in the episode and signed a contract, according to the New York Post.

    A representative for the Bulls said the team did not have training scheduled that day and deferred all other questions to Rose's agent.