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Golf Course Burglars Caught in the Act

Teenage boys try to make off with golf course loot



    Golf Course Burglars Caught in the Act
    Tinley Park teenagers Michael Mulderink and Jacob Heath, 18, were arrested and charged for robbery. The boys attempted to steal merchandise from a golf course, before being chased down by police.

    Golf equipment can be expensive. But that’s no reason to steal it.

    A pair of Tinley Park teenagers were arrested for a robbery of a suburban golf course this weekend, according to a Cook County Sheriff’s Office report.

    Michael Mulderink and Jacob Honath, both 18, originally dodged the police who responded to the golf shop's alarm call, making a mad dash for escape and disappearing into a wooded area near the course. But they couldn’t stay hidden for very long.

    Police found Mulderink’s car parked nearby. They also followed golf cart tracks to a heap of $17,311- worth of stolen merchandise, including golf clubs, golf balls, socks and shoes.

    The boys were ultimately caught when police sighted them across the street from the golf course. They were taken in for questioning.

    Mulderink and Honath met their $10,000 bond, releasing them from jail, but will return in court on June 18.  

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