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Gator Bites Boy at Indiana Fun Park

A man fished the alligator out of its pen and let a group of kids pet it, according to reports



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    An alligator bit a 7-year-old boy at an Indiana amusement park this weekend.

    Katy Hurst, a manager of the Zao Island family entertainment center and amusement park in Valparaiso, said the boy was bitten after a man took the alligator out of the pen and invited a nearby group of children to pet it.

    Ryan Strand of Concord, N.C., was treated by paramedics at the park, and his mom later took him to an area hospital for further treatment for the bite to his right index finger.

    Hurst called police to report the incident at 6:45 p.m. Sunday. She said the man used string provided to feed the gators to get the alligator out of the pen. 

    She said the man set the alligator back in the pen and promptly left the park after it bit the boy.