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Freeze Framed

'Dangerously low' temps moving in tonight



    Freeze Framed

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    It's the same cold story predicted last week: arctic temperatures settling in tonight and sticking around through Friday afternoon.

    "Dangerously low" wind chills begin overnight, according to the National Weather Service. By the time we wake up Tuesday morning, temperatures could be as low as between 5 and 15 below zero, remaining that way for several days. Daytime highs won't creep beyond single digits, and wind chills will stay well below zero.

    The deep freeze is here to stay all week, though we've got some reprieve today with 20-degree highs.

    The good news? There's warm weather on the way that could reach 40 degrees or higher by Sunday, hopefully melting some of this snow.

    After 2.6 inches of snow fell at O'Hare Sunday, only light flurries are on the horizon for today and this week. Still, roads are icy and narrow at parts, so stay alert on expressways and side streets.

    Over the weekend, more than 100 plows continued to clear side streets of snow and ice. As another two inches fell, residents grabbed their shovels and took to the streets themselves.