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    Free Parking
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    Chicago's parking meter issue is a thorn in the side of many a pol.

    City council Tuesday passed a free parking exception proposed last month by Mayor Daley that will allow motorists one five-minute reprieve per year.

    "The change will assist motorists who are occasionally ticketed for accidentally overstaying the time on their pay box receipt by a few minutes, despite trying to comply with parking requirements by purchasing adequate parking time," Daley said in a statement.

    Motorists will have to hang on to their pay box receipt in order to apply for the one-time five-minute freebie.
    The new ordinance also allows drivers to transport parking receipts between spots, so if a driver paid for an hour downtown and moves uptown within that time frame, the money still counts.

    Though  parking meter employees have been operating under orders not to ticket cars with tickets that immediately had expired, the new ordinance makes it official.

    It's the first good parking meter news since the city decided to privatize them in 2009.