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Crime Up at Vacant Flossmoor Homes

Police said they were called four times this summer to an Flossmoor empty home



    Vacant Homes Drawing More Crime in Flossmoor

    Residents in the south suburban village are growing more concerned about thefts and vandalism at a nearby empty home. (Published Monday, Aug. 22, 2011)

    A vacant home in south suburban Flossmoor has become the target of multiple break-ins and thefts. And residents are getting concerned.

    Rick Thomas, who lives nearby, recently asked the village board for help and said he's considering posting signs on the house, discouraging thieves from entering. At this point, Thomas said, there's nothing left to steal.

    Though Flossmoor's foreclosure rate is lower than other suburban towns, it too has dealt with an influx in summer break-ins at vacant properties, Mayor Paul Braun said.

    Police say there's only so much they can do and are asking for the public's help.

    Flossmoor Police said they were called four times this summer to the vacant home. In one case, a furnace and some copper tubing were stolen.

    The police are doing a great job, Thomas said, and they can't be everywhere at once. Still, the integrity of his town is at stake.
    The village board agreed something must be done and told Thomas they are in favor of further investigation.