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Flagging Chicago's 'Cash Cab'

The Chicago version of the New York-based trivia show starts Monday



    Flagging Chicago's 'Cash Cab'

    Make way for "Cash Cab," Chicago. The Windy City version of the New York-originated, Discovery Channel show debuts Monday night. 

    Here's how it works: The game show is filmed inside a taxi cab where the driver/host asks unsuspecting customers trivia questions for $50-$100 per correct answer. Chicago's version stars The Second City cast member Beth Melewski as host.

    How do you know you're in Melewski's unmarked cab? Disco lights inside and a slew of questions quizzing about politics, technology, science and more. Sample questions could include names of founding fathers and which state two of three African Americans were elected to the U.S. Senate. (Ahem, the second question should be easy.) 

    If you answered correct, you score the cash and get a little closer to your destination. If you get three questions wrong, you not only don't win any money, you're booted out of the cab.

    And Melewski's really driving that cab.

    She told the Sun-Times that before the show she had to pass taxi certification tests, "the hardest thing" she says she ever studied for.

    Melewski took three months off her Second City gig to film 40 episodes, she told the Sun-Times. She's back at the improv theater to perform “The Absolute Best Friggin’ Time of Your Life” until the beginning of April.

    "Cash Cab" begins at 5:30 p.m. Monday.