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Fishy PB&J Catches Jif's Attention

Yorkville kid chef creates recipe by accident



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    Peanut butter spread on a piece of bread (Photo by Lars Howell/Aurora/Getty Imags)

    One kid's strange twist on the peanut butter and jelly sandwich is satisfying tastebuds in a national competition.

    But something sounds fishy about how Ryan Jaskowski came up with his concoction for Jif's Most Creative Peanut Butter Sandwich Competion 

    “I accidentally dipped one of my fish sticks in peanut butter,” he said, according to the Sun Times.

    Jaskowski’s “Crispy Fish Stick Wrap with Peanut Sauce” earned him a semifinalist spot in the Jif sandwich competition.  The eight-year-old from Yorkville tops the dish with avocado, soy sauce and scallions. The recipe blends a mix of Asian and Tex-Mex influences.

    Mmmm, right?

    The five top finalists of  the "Jif Most Creative Peanut Butter Sandwich Contest" will win a $2,500 college scholarship and a trip to New York to compete in the finals. The winner will receive a $25,000 scholarship.

    The public can vote on the 10 final recipes at until Friday.