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Firefighters Save Pet from Pit

Dog reported missing earlier



    Firefighters Save Pet from Pit
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    One poor pooch found itself in deep trouble on Sunday morning.

    Fourteen-feet-deep in trouble.

    People walking outside an old water treatment plant in Charleston, Illinois, heard barks coming from inside and alerted authorities, reports Mattoon Journal-Gazette.

    Firefighters found a Labrador retriever inside a smooth concrete-lined tank. While it wasn't clear how the dog found its way inside, it was obvious the pooch would need some help getting out.

    Fire chief Pat Goodwin said firefighters lowered a ladder into the 14-foot pit and attached a harness to the 80-pound dog, according to the Mattoon Journal-Gazette.

    The canine was scared but cooperative.

    The dog, which had been reported missing earlier that day, was eventually reunited with its owner.

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