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93-Year-Old Shoots at Firefighters

Police say elderly man thought they were burglars



    A 93-year-old woodlawn man shoots at Firefighters conducting a well-being check. Police say he thought they were burglars. (Published Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2010)

    A 93-year-old man mistook Chicago fire fighters for burglars Tuesday night and opened fire from inside his home, authorities said.

    Fire personnel went to the elderly man’s home at 6335 Rhodes Avenue in Woodlawn to conduct a well-being check, after his medical emergency bracelet or necklace went off, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.

    The workers arrived at the man’s home at 12:45 a.m.  When no one answered the door, the crew took out a wall air conditioning unit to get inside the house.  That’s when the 93-year-old man fired two shots, explained Grand Crossing District police Capt. Alberta Raymond.

    "They were responding to check on his well being and the 93-year-old inside missed him, he didn’t hurt anybody," the captain told the Sun-Times.

    Police believe the man shot at the workers because he was scared and thought someone was breaking in and aren’t pursuing charges against him.

    Firefighters didn’t find that the man was hurt, the medical bracelet or necklace may have activated by accident.  He was sent to Saint Bernard Hospital and Health Care Center for a mental evaluation, said the captain.