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Female Deputy Takes Down Male Escapee

Man tackled when attempting to flee court



    Female Deputy Takes Down Male Escapee
    Chicago Police
    Robert Biggs was arrested after an hours-long standoff with police. Officers eventually stormed the hotel room he was holed up in.

    At least one deputy at the Cook County Criminal Courthouse hits like a girl.

    And thank goodness for that.

    A female courtroom deputy tackled an Ohio man Monday morning as he tried to flee the courtroom during an extradition hearing, reports Chicago Breaking News.

    Robert Biggs, 31, was arrested last week and charged with armed robbery, drug possession, possession of ammunition without a FOID card, and criminal trespass.

    But he was no run-of-the-mill criminal.

    During his 11:30 hearing, Biggs suddenly ran down the center aisle toward the rear double-doors, said Cook County Sheriff's spokesperson Steve Patterson.

    "He hit the one that was locked and when he hit it, he did do some damage to it," Patterson told Chicago Breaking News.

    But Biggs didn't just get a bruise to the arm. He got a bruise to the ego as well.

    As he tried to get out the other door, a female deputy from outside the courtroom tackled him.

    Biggs was immediately subdued by another deputy and a police officer, according to WBBM NewsRadio. He is currently awaiting charges for the escape.

    Attempted escape, that is.

    "She hits really hard," Biggs reportedly said.

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