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Feds Indict East Chicago Mayor

Mayor allegedly used city money for home improvements



    Feds Indict East Chicago Mayor
    Northwest Indiana Times
    George Pabey becomes yet another Chicago-area pol to go down.

    Welcome to the Midwest, where everything rots.

    East Chicago Mayor George Pabey and a city employee were indicted on federal corruption charges Wednesday for allegedly using city workers and resources to upgrade a home co-owned by the mayor and his daughter.

    Pabey, 59, and city engineering department supervisor Jose Camacho, 52, were charged in a grand jury indictment Wednesday in a Hammond federal court with one count each of conspiracy and theft.

    Camacho, supervisor from 2007 to 2008, allegedly used city laborers to pour concrete, install appliances, and do other work at Pabey's home in Gary's Miller Beach neighborhood. Over $5,000 in city funds were used to buy a bathtub, a gas water heater, wall sconces, and other items for the house, according to the indictment.

    Pabey reportedly visited the property several times while city workers were present. He knew at least one of the workers personally.

    The Mayor is expected to appear Thursday for an initial appearance at the Hammond federal court house. He plans to plead not guilty, says Pabey spokesperson Damian Rico.

    "In light of that full cooperation, I am shocked beyond expression that these allegations have been made by the government," Pabey said in a statement. "I look forward to the opportunity along with my attorneys to my day in court and the chance to clear my name of these false allegations."

    Dishonest politicians? Next you're going to tell us that Chicago winters are cold.

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