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Vacationing Family Returns Home to Burglars

A La Grange family returned home to find it being robbed, police said



    Vacationing Family Returns Home to Burglars
    La Grange Police
    Joshua Velez, Samantha Salinas and Frank Ortiz

    A La Grange family who realized they forgot something as they left on vacation last week returned home to find their house being robbed.

    Police said the family arrived back to the 300 block of South Catherine Avenue just after 10 a.m. on April 6, when they interrupted a burglary in progress.

    One burglar escaped out a back door on the first floor, police said, while another broke a second-story window and jumped.

    La Grange Police and authorities from surrounding areas apprehended two men, Frank Ortiz, 18, and Joshua Velez, 21, both from Cicero. Police also arrested Samantha Salinas, 21, from Chicago, who police believe was the "look-out" during the burglary.

    The stolen items were recovered, and the three suspects are expected back at the Bridgeview Courthouse.

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