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Famed Local Pyschic Passes Away at 92

Irene Hughes became one of world's most acclaimed psychics



    Famed Local Pyschic Passes Away at 92
    NWI Times
    Irene Hughes died at the the age of 92.

    Chicago Heights native Irene Hughes, one of the most well-known pyschics in the world, passed away Friday at the age of 92.

    Hughes died at a Beecher Manor, IL retirement home, according to the Northwest Indiana Times.

    According to her Web site, Hughes predicted the deaths of both John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy in her newspaper column before the events happened. She also told Ted Kennedy that he would be involved in a fatal automobile accident near a body of water only two weeks before the famous Lake Chappaquiddick accident.

    Hughes had an office in The Loop for a number of years where she would provide predictions for her customers. She gained national fame from appearances on the Merv Griffin Show and often assisted police with murder investigations, according to the newspaper.

    Hughes is survived by four children. Her husband died earlier this year.