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Extra Pickle, Hold the Bones

Woman accuses McD's of unexpected ingredient



    Extra Pickle, Hold the Bones
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    A Gurnee woman says she found more than cheese on her burger.

    A Gurnee woman has a bone to pick with McDonald's.

    Millicent Brown filed a lawsuit Tuesday, claiming that the restaurant served her a double cheeseburger that had a bone or bone fragment in it, reports the Chicago Tribune.

    So that's the secret ingredient!

    In a lawsuit against the Waukegan franchise, the McDonald's Corporation, meat distributor OSI Industries, and Wal-Mart (where the restaurant was located), Brown says the burger she bought on July 8, 2008, caused "significant damage to her teeth."

    She reportedly required a root canal, tooth extraction, bone graft, an implant tooth, dental post, and crown.

    We knew burgers could wreck waistlines, but who knew your teeth were in danger too?

    Brown is seeking more than $50,000 in damages, reports the Chicago Tribune.

    A McDonald's spokesperson said the company is investigating the allegations.

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