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Former Bull To Serve 20 Days in Jail

Jalen Rose will spend 20 days in jail after drunk driving accident



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    Former Chicago Bulls guard Jalen Rose has been sentenced to 20 days in jail for a drunk driving accident in March.

    Rose was sentenced to 93 days in jail by Judge Kimberly Small, who suspended all but 20 of the days, according to The Detroit-Free Press.

    Small, who is known for her tough sentencing on drunk driving, scolded Rose during the 40-minute sentencing, telling him that she had no problem with him drinking, but rather with him getting behind the wheel of a two-ton vehicle.

    Rose pleaded guilty to operating a vehicle while under the influence, after registering a 0.12 percent blood alcohol level in a hospital blood test.

    In addition to the 20 days in jail, Rose has been sentenced to a year of probation, according to The Chicago Tribune.

    Rose played in the NBA for 13 seasons and is now an analyst for ESPN.