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Evicted Homeowner Stole All the Fixtures

Calvin Townsend tried to get the most out of his home



    Evicted Homeowner Stole All the Fixtures
    Cook County Sheriff's

    Who said there’s no equity in a foreclosed home?

    One former Homewood homeowner thought he found away to recoup at least some value from his shuttered home at 19161 Crawford St. after he was evicted by Wells Fargo Bank.

    Calvin Townsend, 51, allegedly removed everything of value – leaving about $100, 000 in damages in the home.

    We mean everything: all the doors and door trim; light fixtures; kitchen cabinets; countertops; a chandelier; whirlpool tub; toilets; sinks; two air conditioning units; two hot water heaters; a furnace; water softener and other miscellaneous items.

    He admitted to the crime when sheriff’s police caught up with him, saying he sold all the stuff to his neighbors.

    "This is someone who is stealing.  This is someone who just went about, surgically, trying to take everything of value out out of the place that was not theirs and then went about trying to sell it all," said Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart.

    Cops recovered the stolen items, but the neighbors who bought fixtures are out of the money the spent.

    Townsend is free on $10,000 bond. He’s due in court May 19. 

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