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Evanston Township H.S. "Rats" Out Facebook Page

School says online comments humiliate and hurt students



    Evanston Township H.S. "Rats" Out Facebook Page
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    Evanston Township High School administrators are squealing over a controversial Facebook page popular with students.

    Titled "Evanston Rats," the page's description reads, "this page is made to tell you all about the people in [Evanston]." Another caption proclaims the page will inform readers about "da truth about hoes."

    School personnel, who found out about the site over the weekend, immediately heard alarm bells ring Monday. Once classes started, complaints rolled in about humiliating and embarrassing posts, the Evanston Review reports

    "Students were upset by the statements, lies and accusations being made on the site," said Eric Witherspoon, the district's superintendent.

    The school snitched on the page and filed a police report to protect students.

    "We are working with the police and trying to get the site taken down by Facebook officials," he said.

    The school issued a stern warning Monday to any student who posts malicious comments on the page. If they commit cyberbullying, the school could suspend students for up to 10 days with chances of expulsion. Administrators could hit the delete key on prom and graduation privileges. Or worse yet, students could face criminal charges.

    Illinois' cyberbullying law outlaws creating a Web site or page designed to torment or terrorize a specific person.

    Witherspoon said investigators can subpoena the name and IP address of the "Evanston Rats" creator and identify visitors.

    "Evanston Rats" has 293 fans, including many students, as of Tuesday morning. 

    Here's some advice: choose your words carefully or risk ruining the best time of your life.